MES and more with APS

Cooperation with Asprova AG expands MES by module for realtime scheduling (APS)

camLine GmbH and Asprova AG develop and distribute own software (SW) for industrial manufacturing. Both companies were founded in the 1990s. They since have established themselves, independently in various high-tech industries. Now in 2017, they took the decision to continue with a strategic cooperation.

For their future collaboration, both software companies share several conditions. Their products are used worldwide, especially in the markets of Asia, Europe, and North America. Both focus on manufacturing with particular challenges regarding production organization and demanding business logic. Included are very flexible concepts for the detailed mapping of all production processes. Furthermore, there are promising capabilities for the integration of entire supply chains.

Through the collaboration, a sophisticated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is being presented on the market that uniquely covers the three fundamental pillars of a MES with respect to ISA-95 standard: Definition of products and manufacturing processes, production scheduling, and manufacturing execution.



INDEN d.o.o. is a high-tech engineering driven company whose basis is combined around three pillars: informatics, industry, and energetics. INDEN offers companies in industry and energetics smart, interdisciplinary solutions driven by latest trends in information technology. We offer expert solutions on various business processes and support them with software and consulting.

INDEN is privately held LLC company with headquarters in Ljubljana. For more information about the company and what we offer please visit:

iqs Software
IQS Partner

MES and more now with integrated FMEA

New partnership with iqs Software GmbH expands camLine’s portfolio with CAQ functions


IQS, a provider for complete CAQ systems, has signed a partnership with camLine as experienced supplier of software solutions for manufacturing excellence and active process control.


The combination of iqs CAQ document management with camLine’s modules is a further step towards a fully integrated IT infrastructure for powerful manufacturing operations. For example, it is now possible to provide inspection planning or capture feedback of complaints and errors in CAQ control loops and have them near real-time tracked by camLine’s MES. The implementation of even more efficient workflows help manufacturers achieve better manufacturing quality and efficiency to ultimately optimize their throughput and yield.