camLine launches Cornerstone Release 5.1


The camLine team is delighted to present the new version 5.1 of Cornerstone. The true classic software Cornerstone was acquired from Applied Materials Inc. last fall 2010. For camLine take-over of Cornerstone is of strategic importance. As a new component in camLine’s own product portfolio Cornerstone completes the range of capabilities in analytical areas such as statistics for engineering, design of experiments (DoE), and exploratory data analysis (EDA) and thus ideally rounds off camLine’s own product LineWorks SPACE.

Presenting an own first version on the market with 5.1 camLine addresses common tasks and problems of engineers and experts from research and development, education, manufacturing and quality assurance. You will have available new features in the area of ​​experimental design. Plus, in addition to the classical single-user (i. e. designated computer) license camLine offers you the network license option as a new alternative.

camLine Datensysteme GmbH ...

which is based in Germany and a global solution provider delivers software solutions to automate industrial manufacturing in the high-tech sector. For more than 20 years, camLine has provided services in terms of project work, consulting activities and product development of the in-house brand LineWorks. The modular product suite includes, for example, the product LineWorks SPACE, which has established itself over the years, mainly in the semiconductor industry to a de facto standard for factory-wide SPC (statistical process control).

Using the product suite LineWorks you can realize flexible MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions in compact form, tailored for individual needs. For manufacturing sites of electronics, mechatronics and solar energy, camLine has elaborated infrastructure solutions that meet the specific requirements of these industries. The mission of camLine is to secure stability and competitiveness by increasing productivity of customer’s sites.  “Software Solutions for Manufacturing” is intended to express this attitude.

Licensing Options

You can choose between the following licensing options:

  1. Single User License (designated computer)
    The single user license is solely computer-based, which means that the license is designated to a PC and not tied to a person.
  2. Network license
    The network license is a floating license. You can install Cornerstone on as many computers in a network as you like. The number of simultaneous users is limited by a central license server.

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise 32-bit Service Pack 1, Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit Service Pack 1, Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1.
Windows 2000 is no longer supported.
For support of virtualized environments, please contact camLine.

Contact information for Cornerstone:


Click here to visit the Cornerstone product page

Call camLine:

+49 (0) 8137 935 0



  • Concurrent user option
  • Additional Design Types:
    + L9/L18/L27/L36
       non minimal # of runs
    + Latin Square Designs
  • Handling of mixture problems
    + Filler-factor approach
    + D-optimal designs for
       mixture constraints
  • Handling of TAGUCHI problems (Robustness)
  • Design Evaluation

November 3, 2015
STM, Crolles, France
Sep 2-4, 2015
Hall 1, Booth 2606
TWTC, Taipei City