Cornerstone version 7.3 is now available

camLine launches Cornerstone version 7.3 together with CEDA add-on

Enhancements and automation of recurring data analyses for end-to-end process optimization

Press release November 11, 2021

camLine GmbH goes live with the new version 7.3 of Cornerstone and addresses with its desktop application both, existing and new customers who deal with technical data analysis as engineers in the industrial field. In addition, two upcoming add-ons will further enhance the capability to your data analysis requirements. The new version 3.0.0 of CornerstoneR brings various analysis functions accessible through Cornerstone for users with no R expertise. The new CEDA (Common Engineering Data Analysis) add-on will be available soon enabling flexible automation of statistical analysis routines and making process optimization more efficient.

Cornerstone provides experts or entire teams with a flexible tool for engineering data analysis that can be used in many disciplines and industries including manufacturing, research, development, quality assurance, and education. A specialty of Cornerstone is that the application was designed from the ground up by experts in statistics, and even today’s further development of version 7.3 is driven by statisticians in discussion with industrial clients. This makes the concept extremely compact and efficient. With the Workmap, for example, it follows a unique approach that makes statistical methods available graphically and visually and does not require programming efforts for analyses. Engineers can concentrate on the essentials and achieve results more quickly.

Version 7.3 brings many improvements in detail. These include, for instance, improved usability, a new graphic type “Parallel Coordinate Diagram”, export options for regression models as C code and better interface to R programming language.

The CornerstoneR add-on makes Cornerstone more powerful than ever before. Many new functions for Data Preprocessing, Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning are implemented in the new version 3.0.0. All these R functions can easily be accessed from Cornerstone without any coding knowledge.

The new add-on CEDA was developed by a well-known semiconductor manufacturer in its own interest, in order to automatize analyses processes for process optimization, to encapsulate special statistical knowledge, and to make it available to a broader user group at the push of a button. Now, camLine customers can also benefit from this best practices package and transfer it to their application areas to achieve operational excellence.

Lastly, the convenient data exchange of Cornerstone with LineWorks SPACE, camLine’s flagship product for cross-site advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC), is worth mentioning. Combined, this results in a uniquely powerful tool for end-to-end process optimization in the operational environment.

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