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There are software solutions out there that are incredibly innovative but still simply underdeveloped. At camLine, our clear focus is on one thing: the reliability of people and software. We develop software that reliably and unobtrusively connects business processes with manufacturing processes. Our software monitors, controls and optimizes in a precise manner, creates maximum transparency, and silently provides support to all of your manufacturing processes. And it will also leave the competition trailing in your wake.

Calm. Bavarian.

camLine does all of this behind the scenes. The software itself is not visible as part of the manufacturing process. But what is certainly clear for all to see are the outstanding results it delivers to its users.

Bavarian quality management

camLine software solutions are used in a wide variety of markets such as the semiconductor, microelectronics, automotive, discrete medical products and devices, and solar industries. Our customer base includes leading manufacturing companies of these industries.

camLine’s vision is to become best in the software provider class including comprehensive services for manufacturers of high-tech industries. To accomplish this target, camLine’s mission is to provide software solutions that help manufacturers to expand their technological lead and secure a future competitive position for their production sites.

As an IT software solution provider in the manufacturing sector, it is particularly important for us to be able to analyze problems accurately and to provide the right answers. Based on our software solutions, we help customers to be more successful. By conviction, we focus our performance on the economical advantage of our customers. We really do speak the language of our customers, and we intensively strive for not only fulfilling our customers’ expectations but exceeding them. Long-term collaboration with customers in a spirit of partnership is the heart of our business, and ensuring customers’ satisfaction is the key driver to our business success. With our experience and expertise, we support our customers and synergetically complement their own core competencies. From this approach, our customers benefit directly and are enabled to further expand their technological lead and secure a future competitive position of their production sites.

Qualitatively superior customer value can only be achieved by a close collaboration. Process orientation simplifies and structures the collaboration between business units, departments and organizations. Thanks to flexible camLine business processes, we can react to new requirements quickly. Creative ideas are incorporated in a well-structured manner into ongoing product developments and services. This approach ensures sustainable success and the continuous improvement of productivity including product, service, and process quality.

We at camLine believe, there is a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. That’s why we promote an open organizational culture that motivates experienced teams to solve challenges intelligently and creatively. The camLine management motivates all employees to effectively use their creativity. As a consequence, high-quality innovations arising from customer requirements are systematically and efficiently implemented into product updates. Close cooperation with customers also supports creative thinking and ensures our employees are constantly gaining experience. Effective training as well as the use and implementation of new software technologies promote the optimization of the software development process, leads to continuous product and service quality improvements, and helps lower development costs.

camLine also encourages risk-oriented (critical) thinking. During planning, risks and opportunities are considered to ensure that the planned results will be implemented or improved and negative effects will be eliminated or minimized. Addressing both risks and opportunities is done with actions in relation to their potential impact on the conformity of camLine products and services.
This includes

  • the avoidance of risks,
  • taking a risk in order to pursue an opportunity,
  • elimination of the risk source,
  • the change of the likelihood or consequences,
  • risk sharing,
  • or risk retention by informed decision.

Opportunities can lead to

  • the adoption of new practices,
  • launching new products or solutions,
  • opening new markets,
  • addressing new customers,
  • building partnerships,
  • and using new technologies.

camLine uses risk-based thinking for its’ strategic corporate orientation, i.e. in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction, to improve the company, and to strategically position itself in the market.

camLine is a group of globally active high-tech companies and is part of the Finnish Elisa Group since 2021. The trust of our employees, customers, suppliers and service providers, business partners and other stakeholders forms the basis of our actions. They rely on us to act responsibly as well as in a legally and ethically correct manner in every situation.

The Elisa Code of Conduct contains binding principles for all companies and employees of the Elisa Group and thus also for the companies and employees of camLine. It provides the framework for our business operations and a foundation for work at camLine. Its purpose is to help our personnel make the right decisions in their daily work.

Further, camLine also adheres to the principles stated in the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

In addition, we also expect our suppliers and service providers to act responsibly and in a legally and ethically correct manner when cooperating with camLine and dealing with their stakeholders. Our expectations towards our suppliers and service providers are embodied in the Elisa Code of Ethical Purchasing.

Additional policies, guidelines and other relevant documents adopted by the Elisa Group or camLine supplement and specify the principles contained in the Elisa Code of Conduct as well as in the Elisa Code of Ethical Purchasing.

Employees, partners and other interest groups of the camLine companies can report suspected violations of law or Elisa’s Code of Conduct to Elisa Group’s Whistleblowing Channel.

The Elisa Group Whistleblowing Channel is a channel to report suspected illegal conduct or violations of the Elisa Code of Conduct, e.g. conflicts of interest and bribery, human rights violations, financial misconduct or environmental offences.

Please note that customer complaints, fault notifications and general HR issues are not handled via the Elisa Group Whistleblower Channel. The channel can be accessed in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Dutch here:

Elisa Group’s Whistleblowing Channel

More than 30 years of expertise.

You don’t become an expert overnight. camLine has been active as an IT solutions provider for production automation and logistics since 1989. Our decades of experience in this sector are sure to give you a leg up on the competition.

Quality Management System.

Product quality is decisive for the success of manufacturing companies. camLine provides software solutions that help manufacturers expand their technological lead and secure a future competitive position for their production sites. This has finally lead to the development of an own QM system that ensures continuous improvement in the quality of products and services. The system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Fresh and innovative. Since 1989.

camLine joins Elisa Group
LineWorks CDM
30-year company anniversary
Container Distribution Management
LineWorks CDM
SST Microelectronics
LineWorks MMS
MES Solutions
LineWorks WIP, LineWorks RM, LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks PULSE, LineWorks ECoFrame
Two worldwide leading German manufacturers of precision sensors and power electronics
LineWorks CQM
KPI Reporting Released
LineWorks mDICE
Continental Corporation
InFrame Synapse
SPC and Recipe Management
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks RM
Globalfoundries (US, DE)
MES Solar
LineWorks MES
Oerlikon (several sites)
Corporate MES
LineWorks WIP, LineWorks PULSE, LineWorks CarMa, LineWorks MaMa, LineWorks OPM, LineWorks MPM, LineWorks PAA
Continental Corporation
SPC and Recipe Management
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks RM
ST Microsystems (FR)
LineWorks RM 4
Monitoring, Tracking and Tracing
LineWorks WIP, LineWorks MaMa, LineWorks CarMa, LineWorks iGate
Conti Temic (Nürnberg, Ingolstadt)
LineWorks PULSE
LineWorks SPACE
LineWorks ETM
Bosch Reutlingen
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
Modell 10, RM, SPC
Siemens Halbleiter (HL)
LineWorks WIP
Traceability and Data Collection
Modell 10
Temic Nürnberg
LineWorks ETM
Modell 10
Traceability Solution
Modell 10
VDO (Automotive),
Bosch Limburg,
Licent Technologies
Advanced SPC Solution
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks SPACE eCAP
ST Microelectronics (Corporate)
Maintenance Management
LineWorks MaiMa
ON Semiconductor
SPC, Recipe Management and Machine Management
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks RM, LineWorks MaiMa, LineWorks PULSE (MMS)
NXP backend sites
Online SPC Solutions
LineWorks SPACE
On Semiconductor (Corporate), Robert Bosch (Reutlingen)
Supplier Quality Management
LineWorks SQM
ST Microsystems (FR)
SPC and Data Collection
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks SPISE++, LineWorks STARGATE
LineWorks WIP, LineWorks PULSE, LineWorks RM, LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks ECoFrame, LineWorks iGate
Philips (OLED Lighting)
LineWorks eCAP
SPC for Printers
LineWorks SPACE
Leading US manufacturer (several locations)
SPC and Recipe Management
LineWorks SPACE, LineWorks RM
Chartered (SG) [today Globalfoundries]
LineWorks SQM
Recipe Management
LineWorks RM
LineWorks WIP, LineWorks ETM, LineWorks RM, LineWorks EcoFrame
ZMD [today X-FAB]
Corporate Online SPC Solution
LineWorks SPACE
LineWorks EcoFrame
Corporate Traceability
Modell 10
Equipment Tracking and Monitoring (ETM)
LineWorks ETM,
Modell 10
TEMIC Nabern
Traceability Solution
Modell 10
Philips Nürnberg
Foundation of camLine

Our philosophy

Agile, Efficient, and Reliable

Manufacturers’ persistence in striving for Operational Excellence conjures associations with the mindset of athletes participating in the Olympic Games. The Olympic motto is made up of the three Latin words “citius, altius, fortius” which means faster, higher, and stronger. Clearly, you as an industrial manufacturer do not intend to win medals in sports which are still limited in number and in time. You want to remain or become sustainable without limits against any other manufacturer within your industries.
In manufacturing industries, Operational Excellence has emerged as the key to sustainable revenue and business growth. It calls for a mix of ingenious approaches or methods leading to outstanding operational results. This creates a workplace in which all—your problem-solving activities, teamwork, and leadership on the one hand but also your systems and processes on the other—become subject to lean thinking, continuous improvement, and constant reviews. Your pursuit of achieving unbeatable standards in all business aspects leverages concepts such as total quality management, continuous improvement, international benchmarking, and flexible working. You need to keep your employees positive and empowered to beat themselves anew, every day.
All continuous improving of current activities aims to one fundamental aspect which is your intention to create value. The end of this tunnel leads to the one and only purpose, the focus on your customers’ needs. Exactly with this mindset, camLine strives to support you with your goal to assert yourself as the world class manufacturer in your business. camLine provides excellent technology development and production software solutions that are process oriented across the value chain and support you to increase productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Process Orientation for the customer driven implementation of solutions

camLine has in-depth professional skills and resources to perform and manage details of every step from requirements analysis through post-implementation.

Implementing a camLine solution is based on own software brands and inspires an inclination to reach higher. camLine, as your partner, can ensure your ongoing manufacturing operations are optimized and enhanced to reach and sustain Manufacturing Excellence. Together, we can achieve this with know-how and confidence.

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