Implementing CAPA for Production Quality

Enabling Digital Continuity Across Manufacturing Series

December 13, 2022, for interested parties from North America, the Middle East, and Africa
December 15, 2022, for interested parties from Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa

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Danny Yeoh

Managing Director
camLine, Malaysia

Danny has over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing IT solutions for SEMI Industry. He is currently responsible for Penang camLine operations and business development in the group and he actively partners with customers to define their own digital transformation and automation roadmap.

Stephan Schaefer

LineWorks eCAP Product Manager
camLine, Germany

Stephan has been with camLine for more than 25 years. His expertise in integrating camLine products into existing eco systems is highly sought after by customers as he understands their needs and knows how to transform use cases into valuable software capabilities.

Christian Weller

Customer Support Manager 
camLine, Singapore

Chris has been working at camLine for 24 years. He oversees global customer database maintenance and is active with worldwide customer projects and training that involves SPC and supply chain quality management.

Janice Ng

Digital Marketing Executive
camLine, Malaysia

Having a background in Public Relations and Business Management, Janice has been the host of camLine live since end of 2020. With her cheerful character, she will keep your experience during session as lively as possible.

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