Opinion Piece: The Dream Manager – facilitating the filling of engineering positions in the future

In the past engineering companies have battled and competed over product price, customer service, operational excellence, industry leadership, productivity and quality. While these factors will remain important in the future, many companies already have a new battleground to contend with – the battle for talent [1], [2]. This opinion piece investigates the impacts of these developments especially in the high tech engineering marketplace. It will indicate approaches to allow fostering employee development and to retain knowledge inside an organization. Finally ways to collaborate more successfully between different locations and organizations are discussed.

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Success Story: Successful scaling of an R&D team

Successfully scaling up an R&D team is a challenge, the amount of information and data from machines, planned and executed experiments and result analysis increases very rapidly as more people become involved. To efficiently coordinate workflows, and to reduce the time needed to integrate new knowledge into the production chain, it is important to invest in the structured dissemination and automation of results, documentation and core knowledge from an early stage.

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Whitepaper: Building an information driven R&D organization

A software based approach to increase the learning aptitude of organizations increasing engineering team efficiency by 20%

The software based approach introduced with this whitepaper aims to increase the learning aptitude of organizations or whole collaboration networks. It allows engineers to manage and look at historical as well as current data, information and knowledge and to build relations between the gathered results. Collaborative learning in organizations and networks becomes much easier which directly impacts the engineering efficiency and innovativeness of organizations. As a bottom line teams become at least 20% more effective, execute 20% less experiments and increase IP reuse by at least 25%. Overall a 5% revenue uplift by streamlining the innovation activities can be expected.

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