LineWorks SPACE

Active centralized manufacturing quality control

Flagship LineWorks SPACE (Statistical Process Analysis & Control Environment) is a powerful infrastructure solution for advanced SPC that gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites. Relied upon by a wide range of global manufacturers, it has become the de facto standard in the semiconductor industry for integrated statistical process control. It interacts with multiple data sources and processes many thousands of online and offline charts, simultaneously. And it ensures you can track all your data by managing it within a centralized database, according to the ISO 9001 standard.


Real-Time SPC (Online SPC)

Online evaluation of more than 250.000 parameters based on more than 60 rules including Western Electric Rules. Automated online visualization of control charts as well as support for violations with CA (Corrective Actions), TSG (trouble shooting guides) and alarms.


Administration and Analysis (Offline SPC)

  • Logical Data Source support with free  definable keys
  • Flexible control limit calculations with pre-run function
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Multi parameter, matching and normalized charts
  • Bookmarks
  • Versioning and Audit trail
  • Multi language support
  • Data export to external tools (qs-STAT, MS-EXCEL)
  • SPACE Dashboard including Web Charts


SPC Reporting

  • Automated cyclic reports: daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/...
  • Standardized report types
  • Web reports
LineWorks SPACE 7.1 Teaser

LineWorks SPACE 7.1 is now available!

SPACE 7.1 includes improvements for normalized charts and specification management which helps facilitate the implementation of SPC strategies specifically in an environment with high product mix and short production runs. The new version adds over 90 improvements in usability, graphics, and reliability and includes an interface to camLine's application Cornerstone, well-known to perform Manufacturing Analytics and Statistical Engineering.

Need advice on the new version 7.1?


  • Faster problem resolution through complete visibility of production quality at all sites
  • Trend detection and early warning systems
  • Faster comprehensive reporting through online analysis
  • Easier, faster decision-making enabled by accelerated reporting
  • Improved traceability that also supports compliance fulfillment (i.e. FDA 21 CFR 11)
  • SPACE supports the implementation of your strategies, i.e. six sigma concepts
  • Corrective Actions (CA) with Trouble Shooting Guides (TSG)
  • Easy implemementation and integration of new tools
  • Solid base for customer audits

Highlights of Release 7.x:

  • Web Charts
  • Data Tags
  • 1st Differences Chart
  • Additional Limits
  • Customer Specs & Cpk
  • Single Sign On
  • Actions on multiple selected samples
  • Hierarchical specification limit management
  • Interface to Cornerstone
  • Improved Normalized Charts
  • Links from chart to related data

and more…

Examples of new features in version 7.x:

SPACE web chart

Web Charts

With the current version of LineWorks SPACE, now you can view SPACE Offline Charts in your browser. For the visualization, you do not need an extra local application. This entails significant benefits for sharing information and using SPACE within an organization. The integrated approach allows to view charts globally from different sites.

Data tags

Data Tags

Attach data tags to individual samples as user-definable SPC flags. The tags may draw your attention to special events such as tool repair, part replacement, or lot rework. You can define special effects and assign them to specific data tags. For example, reworked lots can be tagged and excluded from Cpk calculations in specific reports.

First Differences Charts

First Differences Charts

The behavior of processes that exhibit a linear trend (e.g. tool tear and wear) can be represented very well using first differences charts. If you consider the trend behavior to be "natural", you would like to remove it from plotting and to visualize the differences of the current and the previous value, only. This might help discover the "abnormal" process excursions.

Screenshot SPACE Release 7.1

Multiple selection and actions

Make multiple selections on samples in the control chart with your mouse and immediately initiate actions. The screenshot shows an example where control limits need to be re-calculated because a process change has to be encountered. Use your mouse and select all samples that need to be excluded from the re-calculation (dark rectangle). The control limits are marked in the chart with green lines already referring to the new process status.

SPACE Chart Plug-Ins:

… offer advanced analyses features directly at the graphical interface to operators and engineers. With ad hoc applicable correlation capabilities you will get more out of your data.

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