What is camLine’s approach to faster and more cost effective R&D?

In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly important to reduce the cost of development and improve the time to market of new products. This is especially true for knowledge intensive high-tech businesses, such as the semiconductors, MEMS and photovoltaic industries. camLine offers software and services that form a complete solution enabling organizations to leverage their existing knowledge, to optimize their R&D workflow and to develop their manufacturing processes faster and at lower cost. Through tight integration with the solutions for operations efficiency (MES, SPC, OEE, …) the transition from R&D to volume manufacturing can be made much faster and more seamless.

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Focusing the Engineer on the value added tasks

To achieve these goals, camLine offers the Process Development Execution System (PDES), XperiDesk. This solution focuses R&D engineers on value added / creative tasks rather than performing data management task. With this approach XperiDesk achieves:

  • 20% productivity increase of engineering teams by reducing time required for:

    • Data management
    • Reporting and synchronization
    • Verifying experiment setups
    • Bringing people up to speed faster through collaborative learning 

  • 20% less experiments conducted by avoiding relearning and virtualization of experiments 
  • 25% increase in IP reuse by increased rate of finding previous results
  • Approx. 5 % revenue uplift by faster time to market
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Engineers work time efficiently spent with XperiDesk

Covering the complete development cycle

The XperiDesk Suite supports the complete development cycle of high tech production processes. The figure depicts a typical development flow. This flow is in the form of a circle to show that the results of previous research and development project are used in new projects.

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Development Cycle

Three step verification approach

One of the main features supported by the XperiDesk Suite is the process design for manufacturing (DFM). To verify a process design, process DFM can be considered a three step approach using:

  • Process flow consistency assessment
  • Process flow simulation and calculation
  • Experimental verification

The XperiDesk Suite has been designed to enable this three step verification approach.

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Flow Chart with Costs

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