LineWorks PULSE

Monitoring of OEE, availability, and utilization of equipment
Make sure that your equipment is in top condition: With LineWorks PULSE, you can monitor the pulse of your production facilities. This powerful tool for time analysis and plant efficiency determines key and performance indicators according to SEMI-E10 and SEMI-E79 in real time. The result? Consistently optimal efficiency of your production facilities.
Lineworks PULSE is a solution for integrated production monitoring and reporting. Process profitability can be significantly increased by maximizing resource utilization and manufacturing productivity. Downtime Analysis (DTA) can be integrated into your daily business. You reduce insufficient plant availability, unplanned production stoppages or slowdowns, as well as sporadic drops in quality, or can even eliminate these causes completely. According to freely definable plant models, the system collects all equipment data. These are translated into a uniform language for your production.
This makes trend recognition possible. The system prepares evaluation key figures, such as OEE, Semi E-10 times or key figures for RAM analyses. The flexible reporting functions can be adapted to your needs. You receive support for Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) and for the development of new best practice methods. In this way, you acquire the highest precision with respect to production transparency and traceability.


Plus, by using LineWorks PULSE with other LineWorks products, you can achieve complete production traceability.
This helps you reduce risk when faced with production quality problems or compliance issues.

Technical Details


By clicking on a node in the selection tree in the left window, you specify the level of detail in the right pane listing chronologically who changed which analysis objects.

Revision Panel

The Revision Panel offers even more detailed information with respect to the selected analysis hierarchy object. Updated object attributes are highlighted in orange.

Time States

Manually or automatically through triggers, you can re-assign periods with equipment states which might differ from the basic recordings. In order to ensure traceability, these time state adjustments are displayed in an extra parallel time track. These have an impact on your time analyses and KPI results.

Fab Layout

You can integrate your fab layout into Monitoring to link spatial orientation with current equipment states. This is a great help to visualize “hot spots” of your shop floor.

Highlights of Release 3.5


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