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camLine signed a contract to support Enel Green Power’s 3Sun Gigafactory in Sicily (Italy)

By implementing MES modules, camLine will support Enel Green Power in expanding capacity of its 3Sun solar panel factory up to 15 fold

Petershausen, June 23, 2022

camLine was chosen by Enel Green Power as a software business partner to support the development of TANGO (iTaliAN pv Giga factOry), an industrial-scale production facility for the manufacturing of innovative, sustainable, and high-performance photovoltaic (PV) modules at EGP’s 3Sun solar panel factory in Catania, Sicily.

A three-year contract was signed between camLine and Enel to consolidate the strategy to achieve sustainability in Europe’s supply chain.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, the German-based company, camLine, has been recognized as a reliable partner in providing software solutions that drive manufacturing excellence. In the past three decades, camLine has been providing a holistic service domain in quality assurance, production integrity, equipment efficiency, engineering analysis, etc. The company has also helped miscellaneous cross-site global enterprises in benchmarking corporate quality with its strength by serving as a trusted extended IT department of its customers to retain long business partnerships.

Thanks to this contract, mutual endeavors will focus on the realm of full utilization of equipment and equipment integration. Tracing and monitoring across the end-to-end manufacturing of HJT solar cells to solar panels will be fulfilled by camLine’s expertise in process flow definition, data tracking, equipment integration, process security, and statistical process control. The digital revolution in Enel Green Power will be enabled by camLine’s software infrastructure, followed by numerous equipment interfaces that automize and stabilize overall shop floor management. “We are proud to be chosen by a leading energy group in Italy. The feedback is indicative of camLine’s long endeavor in enhancing our customers’ competitiveness,” said Heinz Linsmaier, President of camLine. Both parties are looking forward to such a positive outlook.

The collaboration is announced altogether with Elisa’s affiliate—Elisa IndustrIQ and the SedApta group. The joint deal covers 3 major dimensions: software solution, hardware, and on-site support. The digital transformation will be carried out by camLine, while hardware and on-site support will be supported by Elisa IndustrIQ and the SedApta group, respectively.

About camLine

Since 2021, camLine has been part of the Elisa IndustrIQ group and provides and markets its own software solutions to enhance manufacturing excellence in high-tech manufacturing industries. For high-volume productions, the industrial automation systems are preferably based on MES modules of the LineWorks Suite. Manufacturers have also implemented the entire software suite as their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Over the past 3 decades, camLine has grown with successful customers around the globe.

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