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camLine welcomes CEDA 1.1 – Improved flexibility on Graph Attributes and R Interface

More flexibility, efficient customization of graph attributes, and significant improvement of the R interface

Petershausen,  June 24, 2024

camLine has announced the release of CEDA 1.1, a Cornerstone add-on with the latest release version that supports more graph modification and customization capabilities with the Graph Attributes update, along with an elevated workflow and user experience with the whole-improved R Interface.

CEDA (Common Engineering Data Analysis) is a Cornerstone add-on that enhances data analysis capabilities in the engineering field, including ADL automation, data manipulation and analysis, metadata, and more. CEDA comes with more functionalities, such as Merge Datasets and Plots, configurable with user-specific behaviors for personalized default settings of scaling methods and rules of building column headers.

“CEDA as a Cornerstone add-on is a game-changer in engineering data analysis with many functionalities, essential for automation in planning and scheduling. We are proud to offer CEDA 1.1 with its improvements, and to continue its development and maintenance,” said Alessandra Brunner, Cornerstone Product Manager at camLine.

CEDA now supports more modifying options on Graph Attributes, such as Font Family and Style, Color Palette, Transparency of Curve and Brush, Fill Pattern, Axis Location, and more. These options are all accessible via the same dialog. On top of these, the Scale Axis dialog gets expanded with linear, Normal, Weibull, and Half Normal scaling. These improvements enable CEDA-created graphs to be modifiable as they are more flexible and efficient compared to graphs created by the Cornerstone UI.

The R Script Analysis in CEDA allows users to pass Cornerstone dataset columns, script variables, dataset, and R Workmap objects to an R Script.

CEDA 1.1 completes and enhances the R Interface from Cornerstone, which now supports user-defined Script Variables GUI, input of datasets and R objects from the Workmap, and R packages integration. The latter improvement permits users to configure and run user-defined R packages and CornerstoneR within CEDA, filling a huge gap in CEDA.

Together with the CornerstoneR latest version 3.3, CEDA’s interface provides a more efficient UI by skipping unnecessary CEDA dialogs for the selected CornerstoneR function.

CEDA 1.1 is now available to the public. If you are interested, you may contact info@camline.com to learn more. Cornerstone 8 is required to run CEDA 1.1.

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