Driving Manufacturing Excellence through Data-Driven Strategies

Enabling Digital Continuity Across Manufacturing Series

March 26, 2024 for parties from North America, the Middle East and Africa

March 28. 2024 for parties from Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa

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Individuals working in the areas of:


Nils Knoblauch

Product Manager
camLine, Germany

Nils Knoblauch joined camLine in 1995, and he is the current LineWorks SPACE Product Manager. During his CIM automation projects, he created camLine’s SECS communication stack for the Smalltalk programming language and developed a SECS/GEM training course. He has led projects with multiple leading semiconductor manufacturing companies, developing LineWorks SPACE and LineWorks iGate.

Kalle Ylä-Jarkko

Senior Data Scientist
Elisa IndustrIQ, Finland

Kalle Ylä-Jarkko, currently a Senior Data Scientist at Elisa IndustrIQ since 2021, develops AI/ML models for camLine’s LineWorks SPACE, focusing on complex operational systems in manufacturing, telco, and semiconductor industries. With a strong technology and product development history, Kalle was an investor and co-authored 6 patents and over 30 papers on laser tech, laser machining, and AI/ML applications.

Janice Ng

Digital Marketing Team Lead
camLine, Malaysia

Having a background in Public Relations and Business Management, Janice has been the host of camLine live since end of 2020. With her cheerful character, she will keep your experience during session as lively as possible.

Luiza Guimaraes-Fabreti

Software Developer
camLine, Germany

Luiza specializes in statistics and data science. She holds a PhD, with a record of having numerous scientific publications. Her responsibilities include software development for Cornerstone add-ons (CEDA and CornerstoneR), customer projects, and Cornerstone testing. She has a unique background in Health Informatics and Infectology, which has fueled her passion for improving industrial processes through mathematics and statistics.

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