With Cornerstone, less is more: Less effort, more information.


Empower your team in Engineering Data Analytics

Cornerstone data analysis software allows efficient work to design experiments and explore data, analyze dependencies, and find answers you can act upon, immediately, interactively, and without any programming.

Save time and money

Gain more information with less effort
by better usability

“Cornerstone enables you to quickly draw the right conclusions from a huge flood of data. You can assess data better and make the right decision faster.”
Fabian Müller
Cornerstone Team Leader
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Endless possibilities: Design experiments, explore, and analyze data

We speak your language

Cornerstone Extension Language (CEL)
Specially tailor Cornerstone to meet your specific needs. With Cornerstone Extension Language (CEL), for example, you can easily create applications, new dialogs, menus, and other analysis tools. The open architecture that is coupled with CEL makes it possible for the software to meet almost any specific requirements your organization may have. Or you can simply integrate the features provided into another software application.


Common Engineering Data Analytics with Cornerstone
Enhance your data analytics with the new Cornerstone add-on CEDA


CornerstoneR and the R Interface

The widely-used programming language and open-source software R is well-known for its nearly endless capabilities in Statistical Computing. Thus, the R interface in Cornerstone opens a door to powerful graphical and statistical tools, e.g., for Data Preprocessing, Analysis, and Machine Learning, making Cornerstone more powerful than ever before. Do not be worried if you are not familiar with the R language: camLine’s new free extension CornerstoneR provides already many flexible, state-of-the-art functionalities which can easily be accessed from Cornerstone without any coding knowledge

Common Engineering Data Analysis CEDA

The powerful add-on CEDA has been under continuous development for over 20 years and offers advanced functionalities to automatically analyze your data. Thanks to its concept of dynamic workmaps, CEDA allows you to automatically conduct multiple actions on several data columns, apply self-defined rules and re-run scripts on different data sets. To make your data analyses and visualizations even more flexible, CEDA uses an advanced data format, which can be enriched with metadata, and provides additional statistical analysis tools such as CP/CPK analyses, signature plots, and much more.


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