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The R Interface

R has evolved continuously, establishing itself as the standard software platform, particularly notable for its integration of cutting-edge statistical functionalities, especially in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

R integration with Cornerstone

By connecting Cornerstone with R, we enable access to R’s powerful state-of-the-art functionalities to pre-process, analyze and visualize data within the dynamic interactive and user-friendly Workmap structure of Cornerstone.

Undoubtedly, the capabilities of R can significantly augment the core functions of Cornerstone. Therefore, camLine developed the free extension CornerstoneR with various statistical functionalities that you can use without any programming knowledge in R.

CornerstoneR add-on functions

CornerstoneR version 3.3

Compact statistics made for engineers

CornerstoneR 3.3—Feature Highlights

CornerstoneR extension features many functionalities for statistical modeling and predicting, such as:

  • Gaussian Process Regression,
  • Decision Trees,
  • Random Forests,
  • Logistic Regression, and
  • Function Fitting.

The Model Predict function enables you to predict response values for unseen data. Especially in Machine Learning, it’s common practice to split the data into training and testing data, using the test dataset to validate the model.

The new feature Validation Scores in Version 3.3 directly calculates the most common metrics to evaluate your model predictions and, thus, the generalization of your model fit. It works for Regression and Classification problems and outputs the Actual vs. Predicted Values Graph for Regression Models. Moreover, CornerstoneR 3.3 improves the Reliability Distribution Fitting, e.g., with more options for the graphical outputs.

An overview of the CornerstoneR functions with detailed user guides can be found here.

Enhanced Data Analysis with CornerstoneR 3.3

In addition, camLine offers you quick solutions for your data analysis problems, as your CornerstoneR team is continuously and fast developing the R interface and its extension. However, users with R knowledge can also write their own R script in Cornerstone or load their R scripts and packages into Cornerstone.

For the new version CornerstoneR 3.3, Cornerstone 8 and R 4.1 are required.

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“Extremely practical and useful.
Cornerstone saves us a lot of manual work when creating reports.”
Joachim Sudbrock
Product Engineer, ams OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH (DE)

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