R Integration

Nowadays, the free and open-source software R is the statistical programming language with one of the largest open-source knowledge communities. As this software and its packages are continuously under development, R became the standard software for which new statistical functionalities are implemented, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

By connecting Cornerstone with R, we enabled access to R’s powerful state-of-the-art functions to pre-process, analyze and visualize data within the dynamic interactive and user-friendly workmap structure of Cornerstone. Indeed, the power of R can be used to extend Cornerstone functions. We therefore developed the free extension CornerstoneR which provides many flexible statistical functionalities that you can access quickly and easily from Cornerstone – without any programming knowledge in R! We herewith offer you the possibility to encounter Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods in your known Cornerstone environment. 

The add-on features many functionalities for statistical modeling and predicting of Gaussian Process Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Logistic Regression and Fit Function. The latest version also includes new time series functions for Feature Extraction and Auto- and Cross-Correlation as well as a tool for Correlation Analysis. Moreover, the extension offers functionalities for distribution fitting such as Survival Analysis, for data pre-processing such as Reshaping, Transposing, and Missing Value Handling, and graphical tools such as the Mosaic Plot, and many more! An overview of the CornerstoneR functions with detailed user guides can be found here

In addition, we offer you quick solutions for your data analysis problems, as the CornerstoneR team is continuously and fast developing the R interface and its add-on. However, users with R knowledge can also write their own R script in Cornerstone or load their R scripts and packages into Cornerstone. 

For the latest version CornerstoneR 3.1, Cornerstone version 7.3 is required. 

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