LineWorks RM – Recipe Management System

Implement product definitions both, correctly and reliably
LineWorks RM is a significantly advanced recipe management system (RMS) developed specifically for process-oriented industries that require the ability to optimize the real-time handling of product definitions (recipes) within high volume production environments.

Due to the constantly increasing product mix and due to increasingly complex products, the demand on the descriptions in the product definitions, as described e.g. in the ISA88 or SEMI standards, is growing. Conventional RMS, which regard recipes only as “black boxes”, can no longer meet many new requirements. They can neither dynamically update recipes nor manage them efficiently.

In LineWorks RM, recipes are no longer treated as “black boxes”. The product definitions do not have to be available directly at the equipment all the time either, because currently released recipes can be managed centrally and made available to the production in different ways. Efficiently and dynamically, you can also implement future and unforeseen changes in the recipes.

You control your definitions and adapt them, online. Or you want to track changes seamlessly – and this down to any level of adjustment parameters. You can use recipe templates for maintenance. Each recipe has its own life cycle and is subject to version control as well as release and recipe transfer management. Production context and traceability are maintained for each process step or for each processed part. It does not matter whether the recipes come from production, process development, or the research department: the same high level of security, control, and IP (Intellectual Property) protection is provided for all product definitions.

Technical Details

Approval Manager (APM)

LineWorks RM uses notification management to broadcast recipe modifications to all responsible engineers and managers for starting the approval cycle.



Recipe Object Structure Interpreter (ROSI)​

ROSI provides process engineers with the capabilities to decode the recipe, readably.


Recipe Management as challenge

A recipe is the necessary set of information that uniquely identifies the production requirements for each specific product. Recipes, by existing convention, are stored and maintained as physical files directly on vendor equipment.
These files in turn contain the detailed collection of parameters and settings which, on the one hand, determine the production of the product and, on the other hand, allow the process to be adapted to individual equipment. Each equipment vendor generally specifies a proprietary syntax and applications for the users to interpret and perform edit functions.
Given the large number of diversified equipment types required for various manufacturing operations, the task of organizing and establishing a voluminous number of recipes can be daunting. In manufacturing context, this presents the ultimate operation challenge: to create, modify, document, manage and protect product definitions.

Mastering the Continual Improvement Process (CIP) more effectively

LineWorks RM offers functionality for continuous improvement for companies to meet challenges of accelerating technologies and the increasing number of product mixes compounded by reduced recipe life. An example of LineWorks RM optimization is its inherent functionality to reduce the number of recipes in your system and dramatically cut recipe set-up cycles to assist your ongoing optimization needs.

No production downtime during implementation

Converting to LineWorks RM does not necessitate that you incur any production downtime. By leveraging LineWorks RM with a migration solution from camLine, you can be assured that no production downtime will occur.

Release 7

Upgrade now to LineWorks RM 7

LineWorks RM version 7 provides improvements in recipe change approval, recipe body patching, and the management of parsed recipe body cells.

Editing context keys and recipe links has been improved with the ability to predefine mandatory keys, default values, and user-selectable values in the recipe template.

Administration of key definitions, events, and approval loops has been consolidated into a web-based user interface, in addition to the user administration and notification management.

Functions for managing equipment constants and status variables are provided by the new ECM (Equipment Constants Control) product add-on.

Highlights of Release 7

(*) requires a separate license


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RM User Group Meeting 2015 (Event)

November 3, 2015
“Process Integrity on the fast lane with Recipe Management”
@ STMicroelectronics, 850 rue Jean Monnet, ZI du Pré Roux 38920
Crolles, France

On November 3, 2015, the Recipe Management User Group Meeting 2015 (RM UGM 2015) was held in Crolles, France. This full-day event was free of charge. Experts from the industry presented concrete applications and use-cases. In addition, the attendees were able to learn about current and new features of LineWorks RM of versions 5 and 6 and to exchange ideas. All attendees had the opportunity to participate in a round of voting to prioritize future product enhancements according to their expectations.
For the RM UGM 2015, STMicroelectronics was so kind to host the event on its site in Crolles. Finally, all participants were invited to visit the production of the company Soitec. On behalf of all participants, a thank you for hosting and guiding!

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