LineWorks SPACE Chart-Plugins

Graphs speak louder than numbers
The SPACE Charts of LineWorks SPACE are extendable with a series of task related plug-ins, directly at the graphical interface to the users. The SPACE Chart Plug-Ins offer advanced analyses features to your engineers and operators on the spot. Get more out of the data pool that you already have in SPACE! With these plug-ins, you put your workforce in the position to respond quickly. Your team is properly informed and will induce the right measures.


Extra Plots

These extra graphs are integrated right into the SPACE chart window and provide deeper insight directly at the place where needed.

SPACE Matching

You can use the SPACE matching capabilities as usual and get extended views onto your data with a depth down to the raw value level.


You see at immediately irregularities, identify assignable causes quickly, and learn more details about your processes, tools, and products.

The Plug-Ins in detail

LineWorks SPACE DMP (Device Maps)

LineWorks SPACE EWM (Etest Wafer Maps)

LineWorks SPACE PPP (Probability Plot)

LineWorks SPACE RLC (Raw Line Chart)

LineWorks SPACE TGP (Trend Grouping)

Download LineWorks SPACE Chart Plug-ins Datasheet (English)

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