LineWorks SPACE

Advanced manufacturing quality control
Flagship LineWorks SPACE (Statistical Process Analysis & Control Environment) is a powerful infrastructure solution for advanced SPC that gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites.
Relied upon by a wide range of global manufacturers, it has become the de facto standard in the semiconductor industry for integrated statistical process control. It interacts with multiple data sources and processes many thousands of online and offline charts, simultaneously.
It ensures you can track all your data by managing it within a centralized database, according to the ISO 9001 standard.


Important Features

Online - SPC

Offline - SPC


Highlights of the current release 7.2


User-Friendly Corporate Governance Validation Framework

The user-friendly corporate governance validation framework supports you in defining your SPC strategy. You establish best SPC practices and avoid human errors. Validation rules are added as plug-ins. The rules verify the proper setup of control charts, specifications, and calculations when users want to change, create, or delete master data. If deviations are detected, the user gets feedback through messages with escalating severity levels info. The notifications contain warnings and error messages. Doing so, you prevent non-compliant changes from being implemented. In addition, an offline audit tool is provided that checks the existing objects with new rules before they are rolled out in a production environment.

New SPACE Chart Link Protocol Handler

LineWorks SPACE 7.2 comes with a novel protocol handler as a new client. This offers an improved way to link to the live SPACE-Charts from websites and notifications, even faster. The new links identify and use already running SPACE Navigators. In fact, they can start a new SPACE Navigator if required. Compared to the existing applet-based Web Charts, the new client continues to run even if you navigate away from the embedding web page. In addition, multiple browser tabs can share the new handler. This technology significantly improves the speed of the chart links and reduces the amount of resources required at the clients in production and at the workplaces.

13 additional SPC rules including Greenzone and Maverick

Greenzone and Maverick rules are just two of the 13 new SPC rules added in version 7.2. The Greenzone rule checks the quality more closely after a maintenance operation by tightening the control limits compared to normal production. For example, the control limits for the first units can be reduced to two-thirds (adjustable) after a tool maintenance. In contrast, the Maverick rule refers to outliers that have a distance more than N times the width of the control limits away from the centerline.

Transiently Suppress Notifications

You can use this new function to suppress the sending of notifications about violations of special SPC rules for a certain time period: no emails are sent, the SPACE Monitor is not activated, and no new eCAPs are triggered. You can specify whether the prevention will take place for a certain time or for a certain number of samples. When a specific rule is violated for the first time, notification still takes place. The subsequent notifications about the rule violation will no longer take place. This function enables you to temporarily avoid escalations if immediate corrective actions are deliberately not possible in the production.

Western Electric (WE) Rules for Out-of-Sequence Samples

Whenever lots are measured in a different order than they were processed, it can happen that a sample is inserted between other samples since the order of processing is decisive for the time axis of the control chart. Previously, no evaluators were executed for such inserted samples that are based on a sliding window of N samples. With LineWorks SPACE 7.2, this is now optionally possible by rating all sliding windows of size N that contain the inserted sample.

More powerful implementation for Control Charts

The responsiveness and memory consumption of control charts have been greatly improved in the current version. For example, to display a control chart with 100.000 samples of sample size 1, the client now only needs one tenth of the time and one tenth of the memory compared to the previous version.


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