With XperiDesk, your technology development will benefit by having a knowledge management system.


Greater efficiency in the development of manufacturing technologies

In the current economic climate, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce the cost of manufacturing technology development and reduce the time to market for new products. This is especially true for knowledge-intensive high-tech companies such as those in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, pharmaceuticals, etc. camLine offers a complete solution with software and services that enable companies to leverage their existing knowledge, optimize their R&D workflow and develop their manufacturing technologies faster and more cost-effective. Through close integration with already available MES, RMS, SPC and other solutions at the customer site, the transition from the initial idea to series production can take place much faster and more seamlessly.

To help achieve these goals, camLine offers the Process Development Execution System (PDES), XperiDesk. PDES improves project and technology planning, assists with preparation, and supports the consistent tracking of experimental technology development. It provides easy and flexible access to existing knowledge and enables users to make full use of their experiences and lessons learned.

XperiDesk supports cooperation in research institutions and safeguards the organization’s “knowledge advantage”

Fewer learning cycles

Reduction of development time and costs by reducing the number of development iterations

Do not relearn existing knowledge:
With XperiDesk, you can access and reuse knowledge, information and data faster and more effectively. Improve the collaboration between the different development departments, locations, and even collaboration partners in the supply-chains. Enable engineers to automatically create complete documentation and make full use of existing knowledge with XperiDesk.

The idea

XperiDesk Development cycle
Learn in an alternative way: Avoid unnecessary experiments with XperiDesk and accelerate development by using virtual prototyping. Use the knowledge-based process verification in XperiDesk together with TCAD simulation tools to gain knowledge early on and prevent avoidable, costly errors.
Learn more from experiments: Gain more knowledge with fewer experiment iterations. Use XperiDesk for the complete documentation of experiments, including experiment design and tracking, measurement data analysis, and the correlation and visualization of data and information. Accelerate data retrieval with customizable reports and flexible one-click information search.

Reduced cycle time

XperiDesk reduces the number of required experiments through consistently applicable experiment design and comprehensive information collection and documentation. This implies that valuable resources can be released for savings or further innovations.
XperiDesk avoids incorrectly defined experiments through virtual, knowledge-based verification, thus reducing the probability of scrap and plant downtimes due to contamination, for example.
“XperiDesk promotes product and process innovation by providing decision makers with the exact information they need to develop better products.”
Szymon Klepacz

Use and protection of Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property is valuable. XperiDesk makes IP immediately accessible to all engineers and enables them to protect it comprehensively and securely.

Use the fully documented IP for technology transfers and customer projects with XperiDesk. Enable application engineers to save time on technology transfer projects by providing access to historical and comprehensive development data with XperiDesk.


From technology development to series production

Overview of suitable modules:


XperiDesk ist die Software der Wahl für F&E-Abteilungen

XperiDesk hilft den Kunden, den maximalen Nutzen aus ihrem vorhandenen Technologiewissen zu ziehen. XperiDesk ist die Software der Wahl für F&E-Abteilungen weltweit, um ihre Produkte schneller und kostengünstiger auf den Markt zu bringen.

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