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Theo Wember

Theo Wember

Theo Wember

Theo Wember is a freelance statistical consultant since 1988. In these more than 30 years, he mainly focused on design of experiments (DoE). Further topics in technical statistics were reliability engineering, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, root cause analysis and process data analysis culminating in machine learning project in the last decade. He spends most of his professional time doing trainings often followed by customer projects. He is also involved in general project activities with a focus on technical statistics, either in German or English.

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Guidance and courses

From its origin, statistics is hardcore mathematics, which Dr Wember manages to make palatable for engineers during trainings and as a consultant. Content is built up on flipcharts and, step by step, the walls are filled with informative graphics. All courses work with the same statistical principles. The course repertoire comprises DoE, MSA, survival analysis, regression analyses, and Monte Carlo simulations—as well as any combination of these. The content is covered in a German spoken book, “Technische Statistik und statistische Versuchsplanung” and a second upcoming monography about “Design of Experiments and its Impact on Machine Learning”. Both books are used as additional training material and serve as “oversized business cards” representing decade of experience in technical statistics.




Dr Theo Wember
Trainer and coach
Technometry and stat. methods

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