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Dive into the work smarter video series and feel the magic of camLine’s expertise in all areas of manufacturing operational management. With the passion and experience in digital transformation that camLine puts into the implementation of its software solutions, you will be well prepared to take on the enormous challenges of today – and tomorrow.


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Surface-mount assembly

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Real Time Inventory Visibility in SMT Lines

Gaining better visibility over your inventory will allow you to have Just in Time (JIT) materials in your SMT line effortlessly right when you need them. In this work smarter video, discover how your SMT lines will achieve more for you towards Industry 4.0 through better line inventory visibility!

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SMART Assist Line Setup in SMT

Optimize your line equipment changeover. Transform your SMT equipment to networked cyber-physical systems (CPS) that provide feedback loops in real-time keeping your line running smoothly 24/7. In this video, find out how you can achieve greater first pass yield (FPY) with less rework via SMART Assist Line Setup.


Advanced Materials

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Qualifications and Compliance Made Easier

Issuing and handling of Electronic Certificates of Analysis (eCOA) are automatized to ensure timely quality responses for your customers. In this work smarter video, discover how your manufacturing will achieve more with Customer Quality Management (LineWorks CQM) by providing availability and traceability for customer quality reports across your entire supply chains!

Semiconductor Fabrication

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Genesis of the Digital Twin for Recipes

Visualize and adjust recipe content when necessary, as well as redesign and standardize your business workflows that deal with recipe creations and management. In this work smarter video, discover “The genesis of a digital twin for equipment recipes” and how your semiconductor frontend can achieve more by improving recipe workflow efficiency.

Electronic Packaging

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Smart Process Control for Semiconductor Backend Industry

A centralized platform for automatized data collection will enable you to increase product uniformity and process efficiency by ensuring data integrity. In this work smarter video, discover how camLine’s solution covers advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) that will give you the power to configure and activate process trending rules. Your Quality Assurance (QA) will achieve more through integrated and fully automated SPC monitoring.

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