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On the e-Learning platform, you will find videos that guide you step by step through the necessary actions.
Each video contains questions to enhance your understanding.

LineWorks SPACE (Statistical Process Analysis & Control Environment) gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites. This real time SPC solution is widely used to manage process control, process verification and the process summary, and report.

This self-guided training course introduces LineWorks SPACE fundamental concepts and features. LineWorks SPACE e-Learning is split into two courses. 

You need to complete the basic course before moving on to the advanced course.

  • LineWorks SPACE Fundamental e-Learning: covers the basic functionalities
  • LineWorks SPACE Advanced e-Learning: covers additional functionalities

Available languages: English, Chinese, Japanese upcoming

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LineWorks SPACE eCAP (electronic Corrective Actions Plan) is an add-on module for LineWorks SPACE to ensure compliance with quality, process, and your individual business regulations.
This self-guided training course introduces LineWorks SPACE eCAP fundamental concepts and features.

Available languages: English, Chinese upcoming, Japanese upcoming

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XperiDesk suite uses holistic data to provide market-driven development processes. This enables you to save time by weeding out unsuccessful projects early and to bring products to the market faster.
This self-guided training course introduces XperiDesk fundamental concepts and features.

Available languages: English

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Cornerstone data analysis software allows efficient work to design experiments and to carry out technical data analysis.
This self-guided training course introduces Cornerstone fundamental concepts and features.

Available languages: German

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camLine continuously presents you with a colorful program of  camLine live sessions.
Each session is focused on a specific manufacturing challenge. Industry experts will show you the solution to overcome it. Watch all these available events online. This is free for you to learn more about camLine products and solutions.

Dive into the work smarter video series and gain deeper insights into camLine’s range of services and expertise in all areas of manufacturing operational management. Here is where you can learn more about camLine’s products and solutions specialized in certain industrial sectors.

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