Software Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturers' persistence in striving for Manufacturing Excellence conjures associations with the mindset of athletes participating in the Olympic Games. The Olympic motto is made up of the three Latin words "citius, altius, fortius" which means faster, higher, and stronger. Clearly, you as an industrial manufacturer do not intend to win medals in sports which are still limited in number and in time. You want to remain or become sustainable without limits against any other manufacturer within your industries.

In manufacturing industries, Manufacturing Excellence has emerged as the key to sustainable revenue and business growth. It calls for a mix of ingenious approaches or methods leading to outstanding operational results. This creates a workplace in which all – your problem-solving activities, teamwork, and leadership on the one hand but also your systems and processes on the other – become subject to lean thinking, continuous improvement, and constant reviews. Your pursuit of achieving unbeatable standards in all business aspects leverages concepts such as total quality management, continuous improvement, international benchmarking, and flexible working. You need to keep your employees positive and empowered to beat themselves anew, every day.

All continuous improving of current activities aims to one fundamental aspect, which is your intention to create value. The end of this tunnel leads to the one and only purpose, the focus on your customers' needs. Exactly with this mindset, camLine strives to support you with your goal to assert yourself as the world class manufacturer in your business. camLine provides excellent technology development and production software solutions that are process oriented across the value chain and support you to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Core business functions:

Globally available software solutions supplemented by related services


camLine standalone or joint with customer

  • Integration into existing infrastructure (e.g. ERP interface, SCADA, PLM, shop floor)
  • Equipment integration
  • Shop floor integration
  • Production control
  • Quality control
  • Vertical Integration
  • Reporting
  • Customer specific IT
  • Research projects
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Training
  • SLAs (Maintenance, Hotline, etc.)

camLine's mission:

Provide software solutions that help manufacturers expand their technological lead and secure a future competitive position for their production sites


As a service provider in the manufacturing sector, it’s particularly important for camLine to be able to analyze problems accurately, and provide the best solutions. The software solutions that camLine develops help make your manufacturing business more successful. Not only that, as a manufacturing software specialist, camLine really does speak your language. Everything camLine does is aligned with your needs and designed not just to fulfill your expectations, but to exceed them. Long-term collaboration with customers in a spirit of real partnership is at the heart of our business, and ensuring your satisfaction is the key to camLine’s own success. In addition, camLine’s experience and expertise support you in areas that extend your own core competencies.


Qualitatively superior customer value can only be achieved by working together. And focusing on processes simplifies and brings structure to collaboration between departments and organizations. Thanks to flexible business processes, camLine can react to new requirements, quickly. Creative ideas flow into the development and improvement of the LineWorks product suite, engineer's statistics software Cornerstone, all-in-one solution InFrame Synapse MES, and R&D streamlining application XperiDesk in a structured way. This approach ensures sustainable success and the continuous improvement of product and process quality.


camLine believes there is a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. That’s why it promotes an open organizational culture that motivates experienced teams to solve challenges intelligently and creatively. This is the only way to ensure high-quality innovations flow from customer requirements systematically and efficiently into product updates. Close cooperation with customers also supports creative thinking and ensures employees are constantly gaining experience. Effective training as well as the use and implementation of new software technologies promote the optimization of the software development process. This leads to continuous product and service quality improvements and helps lower development costs.

Quality Management System (QMS)


Since 1989, camLine GmbH has been operating successfully as an IT solutions provider for factory automation and logistics. Over this period, camLine has been able to develop, systematize and verify its philosophy of customer, process and employee focus. This philosophy has finally lead to the development of an own QM system that ensures continuous improvement in the quality of products and services. The system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


  • Satisfy customers and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Implement process orientation
  • Better quality at minimum cost
  • Clearly structured and manageable operations
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure a factual approach for decision-making processes
  • Commitment to a systematic approach for decision-making
  • Convince with documentary evidence
  • Identification of strengths and leveraging of advantages
  • Consolidation of improvements
  • Avoidance of errors and associated costs
  • Optimization of operations
  • Improved competitiveness
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

How to get to camLine:


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Telephone: +49 8137 935-0

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